Welcome to iworship423!

Worship in Spirit and Truth!

Welcome to iworship423!

Our name speaks of John 4:23—Worship in Spirit and Truth!


We are a 24/7/365 online radio station that plays a spirited variety of Christian worship music. We want to reach thousands of Christians from multiple denominations and spiritual backgrounds. Our goal is to bring as many as possible into the presence of the Lord!

You will experience Live Worship, longer songs with spontaneity, and spiritual songs that are not necessarily on the popular Christian radio stations. Try us and see! And, send us an email if you feel the Spirit move!

News Flash! We should all pray for the Great Awakening and for the Light to be Victorious over Darkness! Our own "mini revival" continues, with more people accepting Jesus as Lord and joining the world-wide family of believers! Thank you to all our singers/songwriters and music publishers for bringing powerful worship to everyone, world-wide. See the Blog "Secrets of Perfect Peace" for more details. Or, contact us by email at iworship423@gmail.com. 

We also provide links to the publishers of the music we play, Churches and music stores that carry this music, books of interest, a monthly blog, links to our supporters, and our contact information.


With all the high-tech mobile devises available today, we feel that this new online approach is breaking new ground. We thank you for joining us!!


Here you will external links to websites that we find interesting and informative. Support their services and let them know that we've sent you.

We especially thank the supporters of our “little station that could” for their generosity. For more information please click the button below.

About Us

 The founder of the station, “Ericson,” started this station after years of working for commercial radio stations in Portland, Oregon, and Nashville, TN. He and his family had a dream of playing a wider variety of music, occasional longer songs with spontaneity, and “digging down” into song collections (e.g., the “lesser” songs on CDs rarely heard on regular radio).

This radio station is part of a family ministry. Our experience with worship music goes back to the 1990’s when some family members were in worship bands or helped with sound systems in churches. In 1997-1998 we attended a church in the Nashville area during the first visits by worship leaders from England (e.g., Matt Redman). An organization called Worship Together brought much of this new worship music that spoke directly to the Lord instead of “about the Lord.” Then, in 1999, some of our family lead a group of 20 college students to the “One Day” event by the Passion movement where thousands of students sang praises to God (see our LINKS page for Passion Music). In 2012, some of us were able to move to Redding, California, to attend Bethel Church and that began our connection to Bethel Music. Our goal in the past and today continues to be the ministry of bringing people in touch with Almighty God through music that enlightens their hearts. We invite you to join us!