Welcome to iworship423!

Worship in Spirit and Truth!

Our Background and Our Purposes

Our Walk with the Lord

This online radio station is part of a family ministry. We have the technical background to operate the software and streaming required, but our hearts are in inspiring Christians (and others) to worship the Lord Jesus in Spirit and in truth, as our favorite bible verse says (John 4:23). We have a pastor with worship-band experience, teachers and mentors to college and adult believers, and folks with a heart to show Christian how to get closer to the Lord through worship music.

Worship music touches your heart in powerful ways! We learned this during our shift from Rock and other music to worship. Rock and Hip-Hop, R&B and Country bring entertainment and happy feelings, worship music brings us into closer touch with the throne of God. The song that Brian Johnson (and others) wrote–“Praise is the Highway”—says it all. Praise and worship bring us to the Throne, the heart of God, and the Move of God. The songs that touch our hearts also motivate us to take action and move where the Spirit of God directs us. The Lord is worthy of all our praise!

Our Purposes

We believe that the Lord wants us to bring listeners into the presence of God. And, because of the wide range of music preferences among Christians, we want to present the full spectrum of genres of Christian music and worship.

With all the high-tech mobile devises available today, we feel that this new online approach is breaking new ground. We thank you for joining us!!

Pastor G. Harold!