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King David the Worshiper

King David did his famous “dance” in the streets after bringing the ark to Jerusalem. He wore a “linen ephod” (a kimono-type garment that was simpler than the decorated ephods worn by priests) to the horror of his wife Michal. Apparently, this was “over the top” in his culture and his wife she felt that he “distinguished himself” (not well, as described in The Message).

Even today, there are controversies over dancing in churches–not necessarily in ephods! Hopefully, some of the music we play on iwhorship423 will inspire you to dance–in the privacy of your own home if not somewhere else!

The Psalms (songs) written by King David live on today as powerful examples of “overcoming” challenges in life. After being honest and expressing his frustration that enemies were still pursuing him, he would still praise God in wonderful ways. This is a powerful way to worship the Lord–by praising him in our prayers and songs. I highly recommend reading the Psalms often–especially when you are challenged by circumstances.

Bill Johnson has often said that King David changed the practices of worship in Israel in a profound way. He organized musicians, promoted song writers, included cymbals, brass, and string instruments, and generally had worship events that the public could attend. Prior to his kingship, the Jewish believers worshiped with animal sacrifices and more formal activities. It seems that David opened the world to the type of worship music we have today in some whay.

In celebration of the unique, multiple types of worship in the Western world, we program our music to include many strands of Christian worship.  We have received many congratulations from churches and individuals for the mixture of songs we broadcast. We hope you enjoy the variety.

Pastor G. Harold