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Praise is the highway

When we really engage in worship music we bless and praise the Lord. He wants to hear our thanksgiving and praise (Psalm 100:4). That’s why the word, Hallelujah is so often included in worship music and prayers (listen for the amazing song by Jonathan Helzer, “Raise a Hallelujah,” a song that praised the saving of his daughter’s life.

The Hebrew root of the word Hallelujah is from the verb halal, meaning to praise or celebrate. The last five Psalms (146 to 150) are called the “Great Hallel,” from the same Hebrew verb. The jah or yah, means the Lord. So, some translations read, “Praise the Lord” in those five Psalms. Praise to the Lord is the way you will speak in heaven and worship will help you prepare for that future blessing!

Our other favorite song is “Praise is the Highway” written by Jonathan Helzer, Chris Tomlin and others. We play both the Helzer and Tomlin recordings. The chorus to the song begins with, “Praise is the highway to the throne of God.” This is saying that praises to God help to move your heart into the presence of God–His throne room. The second line of the chorus says, “Praise is the Highway to the heart of God.” This is saying that God wants His worshipers to bless His heart because He made us to be His masterpiece of all things created. Finally, the chorus says, “Praise is the highway to the move of God.” If you want God to move something in your life or cause a move of the Spirit in your heart, PRAISE HIM!

If you want the blessings that many have received, start thinking of these praises and ways to unleash the spirit of thanksgiving in your life.