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Songs of Love

      Numerous worship songs on iworship423 talk about Jesus’ love for us and our love for Him. Why do you think love is so important to so many song writers and song listeners?

      Love is such a universal need in anyone’s life. Parents begin the process by loving their newborns. My wife and I can remember the sound of the first cry of each of our two children and many parents would agree that love begins immediately at birth. Research shows that cuddling babies is essential for their development and adjustment as children and adults. Children in orphanages or restricted environments that are left alone for long periods with no cuddling by a person frequently do not thrive as well as those with more frequent human contact. As we get older, we have relatives, friends, boy-friend or girl-friend, pets, and many supportive adults who can make us feel loved! But, there is one source of love that beats them all–the love of Jesus!

      A very important theologian, Karl Barth, was asked to summarize his life’s work on a tour of the USA in 1962. His answer has become a widely quoted response that has touched many people. He said that the summary of his work was simple–“Jesus loves me, this I know, for the Bible tells me so!” What a great way to summarize the Christian life!  The song associated with this quote was written by Anna Bartlett Warner as a written piece and made into a song in 1862. Obviously, the song has become an amazingly loved song for decades. So, it’s not unusual that Karl Barth would mention it one hundred years after it was written!  Again, we see the power of “love” when it is included in worship songs. 

      One of my favorite worship songs that I play often in the morning is the song, “Nobody Loves Me Like You (Jesus)” from the Chris Tomlin album, “Holy Roar.” Maybe the reason I listen to the song in the morning is because of the first verse. It wakes me up with a great reminder–“Morning…, you paint a picture for me in the sunrise…Love letter in the sky!” That’s a great reminder that the Lord created great things in our world to remind us of His great creation and love for us.

      There are lots more songs of love to look for on iworship423.  Here are some songs to look for:

  1. “Love Ran Red,” and “Jesus Loves Me” on Chris Tomlin’s “Love Ran Red” album. 
  2.  “Jesus, Lover of My Soul” by Paul Oakley on Passion’s “One Day” album. (We remember it from the early Passion concert in Memphis, TN, in 2000. We helped lead 20 students from Oregon to join the thousands of other college-aged worshipers!)
  3.  Nearly all the songs on Chris Tomlin’s “Hello Love” album. 
  4.  Bethel’s “Moments” album, especially “Reckless Love.”
  5.  And, Bethel’s “We will not be Shaken,” album, especially, “Jesus, We Love You,” and “No Longer Fear,” that gives us a special gift of God’s love–freedom from fear!
  6.  There are many more…perhaps you can find them for us!

      As a summary for this Blog entry, I wanted to add a personal testimony of how Jesus really saved me from one of the worst enemy tricks–making us feel abandoned.  Although my early childhood was glorious, it started to go wrong by the time I was in High School due to alcoholism in my parents. There were many fights and loud encounters that were heard by some of our neighbors. When I walked in the neighborhood, I began to feel the shame of all that was happening in my home. Shame often sticks with you for many years and it took the power of Jesus’ love to reduce and eventually eliminate the deep shame I felt. Also, there was a strong feeling of being abandoned by the parents that I thought loved me. That took an extra shot of Jesus for me to overcome. Another great influence on these feelings has been the love of my wife over the last 53 years!  Yes, we’ve made it to 53 years, heading for 60+ or more!  I highly recommend “sticking with it” in marriage and working hard to gain the benefits of a long, growing marriage (more on this topic in our next blog!).

      Needless to say, I LOVE worship music because it reminds me daily of how wonderful life is when you know that, “Jesus loves Me, this I know.”


P.S. If you want to be “rocked” by the love of Jesus, read the recent daily devotional book by Dr. Brian Simmons and Gretchen Rodriguez, “The Divine Romance,” based on the Song of Songs.  I promise that you will really feel His love as you enjoy each day’s entry in that amazing book.

Pastor G. Harold