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Three More Love Languages

We promised to complete the previous Blog—The Greatest Love—So, here it is!

      Most Christians would agree that getting close to Jesus changed their life. Part of that change was a strong feeling that Jesus and the Father showed amazing love. We can hear it in our soul when we hear John 3:16—”God’s so loved the world (including us!) that He gave His only Son that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life.” Eternal life is the ultimate gift—right in line with the 3rd Love Language—Receiving Gifts. If you are like me, accepting Christ as savior and changing your heart was real and came with a strong feeling of being loved. Brian Simmons said it so well:

“One touch of His presence, one encounter with His love, and we are never the same. Unexpectedly, our entire lives change, and we begin to yearn for His nearness…Nothing on earth can compare!” [i]

His love is the reason that we wanted to explore all 5 of the “Love Languages” from Gary Chapman’s widely recognized book.[ii] Here are some new ideas about the last 3 love languages.

Receiving Gifts

            We have already mentioned one of the gifts that the Father gave those who have trusted Jesus—eternal life. Also, Jesus sent us another gift—the Holy Spirit, our source of wisdom and truth that is within us (Colossians 1:27). The best of the worship music we play on iworship423 stimulates our Spirit and refreshes our feeling of being loved and protected by a mighty God! There are more gifts, fortunately. Other gifts that I have experienced over the last 20 years are a sense of peace (Jesus often said, “Peace be with you”), joy, mercy, grace, and His incredible patience. I know that He has been extremely patient with my weaknesses and momentary transgressions. There are probably other gifts from the Lord that you have experienced in your life and we salute them as well!          

Acts of Service

            Acts of service are the things we can do to help someone complete work that needs to be done. As Chapman says, even small things like taking out the trash or doing dishes can bless someone and be an expression of love in marriages. They say that some people have service as their primary love language. Well, Jesus has asked us to complete some work that is important to Him, the Father, and all of us—“Go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you (Matthew 28-19-20 NIV).” These are not small things but are definite acts of service. Our motivation is best when based on our love (His and ours) not on the need to perform duties only. I’ve learned to ask the Lord to highlight some tasks that I need to do for my family as well as for Him. Honestly, I was lame in this department as a young married man but learned quickly from books like Chapman (and comments from my wife and friends) that I needed to step up to a higher level around the house.

Physical Touch

            This love language is very important for all of us that are married and can be as easy as holding hands when you are shopping. However, when we hear the idea of Jesus touching us, perhaps that seems a bit extreme. However, based on books by people who have died and gone to heaven, we know that some form of physical touch or presence is possible in the future. Our close friend, Donna Taylor, was considered dead from a freakish, low potassium incident when she was 17 years old. She saw Jesus face to face and was close enough to be touched. Amazingly, for her and others like her, she saw love in His eyes, along with fire and power—what a combination! He led her to a beautiful wooded area where there was a familiar tree she loved—an example of His gift giving that will happen in heaven. She initially did not want to return to earth but He promised her that a major ministry would happen in her later years. Her current ministry began to emerge later in her life, and it blesses many today through her wonderfully spiritual paintings.

            Being touched physically by the Lord often happens when Christians are overcome by the Spirit and sink to the floor on their knees, due to worship, prayers, or major events that bless them. Perhaps you can think of other instances of Jesus’ touch in your life or others.


Our ability to love others can also be enhanced by Jesus great gift—the Holy Spirit in us. This powerful Spirit fills us with compassion and love for others, even as early as the day we were saved. This happened to me personally several decades ago when I was a hopeless “workaholic.” My struggle to advance in my profession was, sadly, greater than the time I spent with my wife and two young children. However, I did feel guilty about it—enough to know instinctively that I needed help to overcome this “over-achieving spirit” in me. As I mentioned in the “Love Songs” Blog, I blamed my overachievement on my parent’s dysfunctional home environment that caused me to find a way out.

One day, as I was training for running in a marathon race, I was running up a hill in a rural area near my office. Suddenly, I felt an overwhelming weight of something that brought me to my knees. I knew, somehow, that this was something heavenly (Jesus touch?) trying to get my attention. We had been reading several books on Christian life and hoping for some change. Then, I felt an amazing sense of love around me and the need to confess my wayward ways and turn my life over to Jesus. To this day, I cannot remember any words spoken to me, but I do remember saying aloud, “I turn my life over to you Jesus—I’m not doing a great job on my own.” Almost immediately, I had two feelings that overcame me when I arrived back home that day—more love for my family and a feeling of joy that I had in the past.

I sincerely hope that the music on iworship423, this and other blogs, or something new you hear from the Lord will stimulate you to seek more of His love and, because of His love, to love yourself and your family to a greater extent. Bless you in Jesus name!

[i] Brian Simmons and Gretchen Rodriguez (2019). The Divine Romance: 365 Days Meditating on the Song of Songs. Racine, WI: BroadStreet Publishing.

[ii] Gary Chapman (2015). 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love that Lasts. Chicago, IL: Northfield Publishing.