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The Worship Revival

As we mentioned on our Home Page, we are experiencing what seems to be a “mini-revival” stimulated by our 24/7, 365 worship and praise music. Listeners are contacting us to either know Jesus as Lord or report that they have received salvation from prayer and listening to the music. 

One of the most powerful songs has been “Raise a Hallelujah” by Johnathan and Melissa Helser of Bethel Music. Perhaps you know that this song came from a real need for serious prayer by the Helsers and their friends whose young son was in danger of dying in a local hospital. The Helsers and the whole community around them prayed and prayed and the young boy was saved!  During that time of prayer, Johnathan felt the urge to raise hallelujahs to the Lord in the midst of the crisis. The song lyrics reveal some of the emotions the prayer-warriors felt and the declarations they made such as singing, “louder than the unbelief,” “death is defeated, the King is alive,” and “fear–you’ve lost your hold on me.”  Apparently, the powerful rythem, words (much of it Biblical), and passionate singing, touched the hearts of people very deeply!

Also, we just heard from Passion Publishing, the world-wide Spiritual movement among college students and young adults, that they are releasing their version of “Raise a Hallelujah.” The song was recorded live during their recent stadium-filled event with thousands of young-adult worshipers!

We are surprised and delighted that the “little station that could” has drawn people to Jesus!  Pray for MORE and MORE as the Lord touches lives through the music!  If you have a testimony of how this music has touched your heart or you want to learn more about Jesus, please send an email to us at iworship423connect@gmail.com.