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        Fear is way too common these days!  There are weather issues, health issues, financial concerns, and much more. I remember one of my earliest fears that affected me for a long time. I had the bright idea at the age of 9 to sneak into the back seat of our family car when my dad left one night to visit the local taverns! I somehow thought I could protect him! The longer I hid there in the dark and feeling the wild driving, the more fearful I got. My memory is vague and I’m not sure how I sneaked back into the house, but I certainly don’t recommend trying this method of protecting a wayward father!

Bible Verses that Relieve Fear

         Fortunately, we have access to a heavenly Father who will fight against fear. The Hebrew prophet, Isaiah, heard an encouraging message from God, written in the Book of Isaiah, chapter 41, verse 10:

            “Do not fear, for I am with you. I will strengthen you. I will hold you                 in my right hand!”

There are many more bible verses that say similar things[i], but our favorite is Psalms 91. We read it often and every time we drive somewhere far from home. This Psalm speaks of keeping us from “falling,” avoiding diseases and threats such as wild animals or disasters, and even providing angels to watch over us! Read it when you are feeling fearful and you will be greatly calmed by these amazing words from God!

Worship Music Reduces Fear

            Also, we strongly recommend some of our worship music that soothes our souls, just by listening. Here are some of the best examples:

  1. Our overall favorite that touches so many lives each day—“Raise a Hallelujah” by Johnathan and Melissa Helser, Molly Skaggs, and Jake Stevens, from Bethel Music. The key verse in that song is, “Fear—you have no hold on me!” As you heard from our last Blog, this song was birthed during prayer for a young child that was on the verge of death but saved by doctors and a community of prayer warriors.
  2. “Fear is a Lier” by Zach Williams. This was a huge radio hit in 2018 and has a powerful list of ways fear attacks us. Fear steals our happiness, robs us of rest, and is often based on lies about our past. The answer is to accept Jesus as savior, and He will “calm your storms.”
  3. “No Longer Slaves to Fear,” another powerful song by Johnathon and Melissa Helser. This song won a Dove award as best worship song in 2016 and is based on the story of how the Israelites escaped from the Egyptian army when they left slavery and headed for the promised land. It was God that protected them, even by causing miracles like parting the waters of the Red Sea. (See the full story in the Book of Exodus).
  4. “Stand in your Love” by Josh Baldwin, Ethan Hulse, Rita Springer, and Mark Harris, of Bethel Music. The lyrics remind us that “Fear doesn’t stand a chance” when we stand in the Love of Jesus! The song reminds us that “there’s power that can break off every chain,” leave our past behind, and give us resurrection power. All we must do is thank Jesus for dying at the cross, rising again, and sending us the Holy Spirit that lives in us to overcome fear.

Prayer will bring Peace in Your Heart

            As your “online pastor” I pray over you, as you read this blog, to sense the peace of God, the comfort of the Holy Spirit, and the love of Jesus that pours out from the songs of worship you will hear on iworship423! Take a few minutes to meditate on the Bible messages that this blog has highlighted for you. Be blessed by this prayer that asks Jesus to arise in your spirit to banish fear from your life and remind you that He is always near to hold your hand in times of trouble. Remember that He said, “In this world there will be tribulations, but have good cheer, for I have overcome the world” (John 16:33). When you invite Jesus to live in your heart you will enliven the Spirit that He will use to calm your storms! Have a blessed day!

Pastor G. Harold

P.S. I have a small fear that I need to overcome. My real first name is “Gale,” hence the initial “G” in my name. This old-fashioned name for a man confuses many people (they think it’s my wife’s name!) or causes advertisers to send me mail addressed to “Ms.” After writing my first book, I was even chosen for “Who’s who in American Women!” So, I want to let all our Blog readers know that I no longer will fear using my real first name—pray for my courage to step out (even at the coffee shops) and give my real name!

[i] Psalms 46:1-3—God is our refuge; Hebrews 11:27—Moses was given strength to stand against the evil Pharaoh; Matthew 8:26—Jesus calms the storm and tells the disciples to “fear not” and increase their faith, etc.