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Fathers Fight Fear

     Sadly, the world seems to have a shortage of on-the-job fathers. ln the USA and many other nations, the increase in absent fathers presents a sad picture. I experienced a sort of “loving father absence” in high school when my earthly dad was attracted more to alcohol than his kids! It was terrifying to stand between my dad and mom, trying to prevent an ugly fight!  The whole situation did fire me up to leave and get out on my own as soon as possible, and I thank teachers, grandparents, and God for their support—they became my substitute father!
     The Fight against Fear: I pray that there is a way for more children to be saved from fear inside the family home—that the fathers would arise and fight against fear, not against their family!
     In this season of the CoronaVirus, we feel a powerful kind of fear—the unknown disease that can’t be seen easily. It’s hard to know where it is! So, we stay mostly at home wondering what’s next and when it will be over. It’s a great time for us to have fathers that help us fight against this unseen fear!  However, there is a FATHER that can be reached by a simple prayer!  THERE IS HOPE!  And, I will tell you how you can get that hope with a famous prayer in just a moment.
     First, I wanted to say a few more things about fathers and fighting against fear.
     Replacement Fathers: Some of the best sources of “father replacement” are grandfathers, coaches, pastors, teachers, and other mentors. We know a precious, divorced women that drives 30 miles every Wednesday night to attend a bible class we give—not only for herself, but so her son can attend the youth group in our church and be mentored by a fabulous youth pastor. This woman had a horrific former husband but now has a mentor for her children in this pastor! Personally, I had a grandfather who was a pastor and I was fortunate to spend lots of time with him, going to baseball games and hanging out. There ARE “replacement fathers” out there. Could you be one of them someday?
     The Famous Prayer: The most powerful prayer we can use every day was given by Jesus in the book of Matthew (Chapter 6:9-12). There are some parts of the prayer that relate to fathers:
      “Our FATHER in heaven, hallowed be your name.” Note that Jesus uses the word “father,” not God or Almighty Lord. Why? Jesus wanted all of us to know that we can be a part of a FAMILY that has a Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. When you accept Jesus as your Lord and savior (write us at www.iworship423connect@gmail.com or call the phone number on our website and we will guide you), YOU WILL IMMEDIATELY HAVE A FATHER and a friend (Jesus) and a helper—The Holy Spirit–a mentor, caretaker, and advocate.
      And, the Lord’s prayer also says, “deliver us from the evil one.” Today, the “evil one” is the Virus that is haunting us and causing fear (unnecessary in some ways) in millions of people. The experts are working on a cure, but in the meantime, we have a Father and Son organization that is ready to heal you, protect you, and keep the evil virus from you!

     The Best Protection Song. The best testimony to the protection of the Father God is the amazing Psalm 91, which I have included in a companion Blog labeled, “Psalm 91—the Protection Song.” (See the next Blog).  This version of Psalm 91 is written in a style that is personal, saying things like, “Lord you will protect ME!” It has been proven that speaking the Word of God (the Bible) aloud is a way to fight against fear and the “evil one.” Try it yourself and you will find a profound sense of peace!
      My prayers and the prayers of my family go out to you, our precious readers and listeners!

Pastor G. (Gale) Harold