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Knowing Good versus Evil


       Jesus gave us the Holy Spirit to help us see both good and evil when they appear in our lives. Clearly, we see both good and evil in the world today. The bible talks about good and evil numerous times, including the early prophets like Isaiah who said:

            “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness.” (Isaiah 5:20).  

            Although “woe” seems like an old-fashioned word, it describes the distress, grief, and even sorrow over the way certain people or organizations speak of good things (like moral standards) as if they are evil, or evil things as good (lies used to crush political apposition[i]). Many difficult topics like abortion are often covered by attempts to shine the light on the mother’s freedom instead of the darkness of the doomed fetus (a child) that shows up in imaging.

            So, how do we learn to identify evil when it tries to overcome good?

Prayer and Guidance

            I personally struggled with a major conflict of good over evil several years ago. We had moved across the country for a new job that seemed like a gift from heaven. I remember now that God had given me a warning that it was a good academic job, but it might cause me to make a choice between two things—success in the world’s eyes versus the goodness of God. I was hoping that the goodness part (where we could touch the lives of some college students) would rule. However, a couple of months into the job I uncovered some troubling factors. First, the salary was initially three-fourths of what was promised (due to the “starting time of the year–winter versus fall”). Second, the expectation for achieving certain goals was sky high and demanding so much time that there would be little room for student spiritual outreach. And, finally, there were some hidden rules about what you could or could not do with your own ideas or things you invented yourself (I would be more specific, but it is too long of a story!). One of my academic friends had the same problem at another college and he had to leave it. We got some legal advice, but success would have required 3 to 4 years of battle. So, what did I do, and, more important—what would you do?

            The answer was prayer and asking the Lord for guidance. Lots of it! I began a period of 3 months of awakening at 3 a.m. praying and asking the Lord to reveal a solution to the dilemma we were in. For example, we just bought a new house, moved 2500 miles, and there was a chance of losing a promising income for the future. But the Lord soon gave me messages after much prayer (and thanksgiving for the job we had) that included the surprising words, “Flee from Evil.” As I go back over my journals (written records of what prayer messages said), I counted 14 times that “Flee from Evil” occurred. The number 14 is twice the “perfection number seven[ii], which meant that it was REALLY evil. At first, I could not identify the evil, but it soon became clear. After much discussion and many meetings with the administration, one of the people I trusted turned from my side to the administrative side. In the last meeting before we left, I boldly said to the administration, “God told me to flee from evil!” as I gave them my resignation. They thought I was crazy! To this day, am amazed that I could be that bold! What I discovered is that, when the Lord says “go,” He will give you the strength and boldness just as He did to Joshua, King David, Peter, Paul, and many other bible heroes[iii].

NOTE. See more of the story and other amazing events in our book, “You Are an Overcomer,” now available in our online Store (see the Store page of this website).

The Battle for Our Nation and our Christian Heritage

Many of us are seeing a battle between the good and the evil in America, especially in certain States that have historically low church attendance. Often, the attacks have been against the church, prayer in the schools (or even carrying a bible), and even the presence of public displays showing the ten commandments. The rise of politicians and university professors that promote Socialism is alarming because it has historically included the subordination of any faith-based principles of government in favor of a strictly secular government (e.g., no more “In God we Trust,” or “God bless America”). We were recently shocked at the proposed changes in the public-school curriculum in Oregon to include “questioning your gender” in elementary school sexuality teaching. The role of parent’s rights to teach their own children has been under attack for years (opposition to Home Schooling or any input from parent groups on curriculum issues). Just as predicted by the Scriptures, we have good things described as evil and evil things described as good.

Please join us in prayer for more “awakening” in America and continue the battle for our Christian heritage!

Wisdom of the World?

            The Lord gave the apostle Paul insights into the wisdom of the world verses the wisdom of God in First Corinthians chapter 1:18-25. Here are some highlights to this passage from the Message Translation:

            “The Message that points to Christ on the Cross seems like sheer silliness to those hellbent on destruction, but for those on the way of salvation it makes perfect sense. This is the way God works, and most powerfully as it turns out (Reference to Isaiah 29:14): “

            ‘I’ll turn conventional wisdom on its head, I’ll expose so-called experts as crackpots.”

            “(Verses 24-25). Christ is God’s ultimate miracle and wisdom all wrapped up in one. Human wisdom is so tinny, so impotent, next to the seeming absurdity of God!”

Next Steps—Our “To Do” List

  1. Pray for the continuance of the Christian heritage that the Pilgrims and Founders brought to America in its beginning.
  2. Pray for the Angel Armies of God to be dispatched by Heaven to fight against the lies and evil intent of those who would silence the Christian voice in America, close Churches longer than required by the slow-down of the Virus, and squash our attempts to protest.
  3. Repent for our nation as we described in the last Blog (“Prayer and Passover”). Although the people of today did not cause the evils of slavery and abuse of minorities, we can ask for repentance for the nation and repent for those in the past, promising not to return to any of those evils.
  4. And, if you slip and do something evil—by mistake or by impulse, ask for forgiveness. It is so important to approach a Holy God in prayer or petition with a forgiving heart, cleansed and ready to approach the Father.
  5. The Virus has shown us that death can sneak up on us and we need to know whether we are going to Heaven or Hell. Find those in your extended family, neighbors, or strangers who have not yet found the Lord. Pray for them and find creative ways to give your testimony. Help them to repent and come to Jesus. If DJ Ericson, the operator of the iworship423 music station can bring listeners to Jesus[iv], so can you!


Pastor G. (“Gale”) Harold

[i] See Proverbs 6:16-19—seven things that God hates—arrogance, lies, murder of innocents, evil plots, running toward evil, a mouth of lies under oath, and a troublemaker in the family! (The Message).

[ii] The Hebrew method of emphasizing an idea or action is to repeat the word. So, “perfect peace” is expressed by “Shalom, shalom” (Peace and well-being repeated twice), and the number 7 in this case. Lots of cases of the number 40 are seen throughout the Scriptures, as another way to emphasize the importance of an event.

[iii] See Joshua chapter one for example.

[iv] To date, DJ Ericson has led more than 30 new believers to Christ! Some of them were listening from other countries like Israel! Praise God for the eternal success of iworship423!