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Quiet Time with the Lord

As I write this blog, a rather noisy plane is flying over our place. The tranquil quietness of the morning is disrupted in an unusual way, perhaps to remind me of the importance of quiet time. The world seems to be noisier and more frantic than years ago. The search for peace and quiet seems more difficult at times. Here are some ideas for finding times of quiet and concentration on the things of God.

Middle of the Night? Twenty years ago, I discovered a wonderful time to find quietness—anytime between 3 and 6 A.M. in the morning! Call me crazy, but I learned to take a break from sleep during this time of quietness. Often, what I thought I was getting up for a drink of water or going to the bathroom, it turned into a time of blessing. I found peace, lack of interruptions, and even revelation[i] during these early morning times. It only took 30-plus minutes or so to read a short devotion, pray, and journal some amazing words from the Lord. The results have been more than a dozen journal books filled with messages from heaven!  Often, my wife may get the same message as I, and it helps us make big decisions. For example, we recently moved to another State in the USA, based on messages that said “Go” for both of us.

Daytime Possibilities. Work schedules restrict quiet time in the morning. One way I found helpful was quiet time (or even loud praying and crying out to God) in the privacy of my vehicle when I are alone.  To get to one of my college jobs, I had to drive about 30-minutes to the campus. It was a blessing in three ways. First, I got to see some interesting agricultural areas and the different stages of farming and growing across the seasons. Second, I found an audio recording by a pastor who used the life of Abraham to prepare the listener to be ready for another workday. Then, on the way home from work, the recording would encourage me to be ready to arrive at home with your family in mind, not my work! (This was a recording I received from a student who got it at a church in California, but the name and access to it have been lost in time—my apologies and hope that something like this is still available).

Evening Possibilities. In this busy world, even the evenings are often taken over by family tasks, TV, or preparations for the next day. However, three things have worked for us. First, we have connected our computer (e.g., laptop) to the TV and listened to sermons or worship sets from online churches or anointed Christian pastors and worship bands. Second, we have taken communion by ourselves and then prayed for the church, the country, the city, friends, and family. Third, we have taken the short amount of time it takes to read a daily devotional. The next section describes some of the daily devotionals we have been blessed by.

Daily Devotionals. (Note. All the devotional books mentioned by author can be found online). Widely used devotionals allow you to read short passages that are Bible-based and encouraging. You can easily do this with the Bible, reading short chapters each day. However, some collections of daily commentary provide quick insights to Bible concepts and wisdom for living. Each of these small books are organized by the calendar, with daily entries from January through December. We started years ago with the classic devotional by Oswald Chambers (“My Utmost for His Highest”). The insights of this English evangelist and missionary are amazing and have remained relevant across the decades.

Then, we switched to the devotionals by Sarah Young (“Jesus Calling” and others in her series). The daily entries by this anointed Christian counselor are based on the “still small voice” of the Lord that she has heard in prayer time. Many of these short, one-page readings will grab you in the heart because they address some need, crisis, or success that has just happened to you.  It must be a message from God if it fits perfectly to your needs that day—as it often does.

Most recently, we have switched to the devotional series by Pastor Brian Simmons and Gretchen Rodriguez (“I Hear His Whisper,” “The Divine Romance” based on Song of Songs, and “The Vision” based on Isaiah). Many of the daily entries in these small, compact books are often “block busters” of spiritual insight and encouragement. Dr. Simmons is also the author of the new Bible translation, “The Passion Translation” (TPT, New Testament and the beginnings of the Old Testament). We enjoy the footnotes for verses and passages of scripture in this translation that is based on original texts, especially those in Hebrew and Aramaic.


Pastor G. Harold

[i] Some Bible scholars have noted that 3 to 6 A.M. was the “4th Watch” in the lives of the Israelites. This was also the time of Jesus’ walking on the water—a time of miracles and revelation for the disciples {see Matthew chapter 14 or chapter 6 in . Mark and John).