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WAIT in Expectation

One of the most difficult things in the Christian life is to WAIT on the Lord. Sometimes it seems like forever to see wishes fulfilled. Time is different for the Lord.  One “day” in human time can be hundreds of days in God’s time. However, the Lord is always right on schedule!  How do I know this?  The Lord has sent us messages or “God winks” about the future that took years to develop (see our last Blog, “Hope Deferred”). But they DID come to fruition.

What the Bible says about WAITING

WAITING on the Lord is discussed many times in the scriptures. Romans 5:4 tells us that patience (or perseverance) leads to character development and ultimately to Hope! WAITING on the Lord was a theme for Jesus. He told the disciples in Acts 1:4 to stay in Jerusalem and “WAIT for the Promise of the Father” (which was the outpouring of the Spirit at Pentecost). In Luke 12:36, Jesus explained a parable about WAITING for the master that referred to the second coming of Christ.  The Prophet Isaiah said this to the Lord:

     “Since ancient times, no one has heard, no ear has perceived, no eye has seen any God besides You who acts on behalf of those who WAIT” on the You (Isaiah 64:4)

Why do we discuss WAITING Now?

Our next few weeks are critical for major change. We are WAITING to see what happens to the Presidential election in the USA and to see the end of the COVID-19 emergency in the World. How can we continue to WAIT?  Many of us are weary and about ready to quit. If so, we strongly suggest you read the Blog from Mario Murillo (www.mariomurillo.org) for December 26. He calls for strength to continue in Hope and uses the story of the “Battle of the Bulge” in World War II. Allied troops were surrounded in Belgium by Hitler’s forces in the dead of winter. General Eisenhauer commanded General Patton to move his troops quickly to help the encircled troops in Belgium. This move was almost impossible in the winter. However, in just a few days, Patton brought the troops and all their equipment to the scene in record time. The soldiers in foxholes were the ones WAITING and they were ready to give up. But the miracle happened just in time. Why? God was all over that war!

NOTE. The Song, “The Battle Belongs to the Lord” is playing on iworship423 as I write this Blog!—That is the true answer to WAITING! We need to continue to reach out to the Lord.

Our “TO DO” List

  1. Pray every day
  2. Listen to the Battle Songs
  3. Read the Comments of Confident Speakers but reduce exposure to negative news
  4. Speak to the Lord and ask for strength to WAIT
  5. Stay in the Word—in the Scriptures but also in the Rhema—Gods words to you in prayer

My prayers go out to you through this Blog!

Pastor G Harold