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FAITH or FEAR–Our Choice

Have you been praying for something important that has not yet happened?  Is it starting to worry you that it is either delayed or not going to happen?  If so, we join you because we have been there!


Here’s a short story about something we prayed for long term. This prayer request was challenging. It tested our FAITH and caused us worry and FEAR that it might never happen!

There is an extended family member that we prayed for consistently for 48 YEARS. Why? This was a young man who struggled in his school years with medical and other difficulties. But he had some skills in an area that required a lot of technical knowledge and ability. His abilities were outside the typical school curriculum. We prayed that this skill would be blessed and develop as he got older.  We chipped in to get him some advanced training after high school. But we often FEARED that our prayers were not heard in heaven. However, we knew that the Lord answers the prayers of His people[ii]. Psalm 37:4 helped us—“Delight in the Lord and He shall give you the desires of your heart!” And we continued to read this and other scriptures because Romans 10:17 reminded us that “Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God.”  AFTER 48 YEARS, THIS PRAY WAS FULFILLED BY THE LORD AND THIS YOUNG MAN IS A SUCCESS AT HIS CRAFT! He now gets encouraging emails and calls from well-known people in the music industry. And he has helped several people come to the Lord through music!

The Lord does answer prayers but not always on our schedule!


Here are a few more bible verses that have encouraged us to “KEEP THE FAITH”

Hebrews 11:1 “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.”

Romans 1:17 “…the righteousness of God is revealed from FAITH to FAITH; as it is written, “The just shall live by FAITH!”

2nd Corinthians 5:7 “For we walk by FAITH, not by sight.”

Hebrews 12:2 “ Look unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our FAITH.”

Mark 9:23 “If you can believe all things are possible to him who believes.”

2nd Timothy 1:7 “God has not given us a spirit of FEAR but of power, love, and a sound mind!”

Pastor G. Harold

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[i] We have mentioned some of this story in “a pervious Blog–“Hope Deferred”

[ii] Cornelius was told by an angel that “Your prayers and gifts to the poor have come up as a memorial offering before God.” Acts 10:4.