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Do we Need a New Declaration of Independence?

As a Christian Pastor living in the USA now, I feel a strong call from the Lord to speak out about the moral character of America. I have been too silent about truly evil things that appear on TV, Movies, News, and even in Public Schools. The Ten Commandments are minimized and behaviors that were extreme in both the Old and New Testaments are described as normal.

When I recently studied the history of America and the role of Pastors in the founding of the USA, I realized that Pastors were ordered to obey incorrect definitions of the “Separation of Church and State.”

[Note that many of the facts discussed here were identified by authentic documents collected by David Barton. For more of his documentation, see www.WallBuilders.com]

The true meaning of Separation by the Founding Fathers such as Thomas Jefferson was proved by David Barton, based on authentic historical documents[i] that “It simply meant that there could not be a State-established church or denomination, as with the Anglican Church in Britain, the Catholic Church in France, or the Lutheran Church in Germany. It certainly did NOT mean secularizing the public square.” This is a reason to speak out. Sadly, Pastors have been often silent for decades since five Supreme Court judges[ii] proclaimed the Separation of Church and State using erroneous definitions.

When all “large gatherings” were closed by the Coved Pandemic decisions in March 2020, only a few spoke out to allow church services to continue after the threat lessoned. One large California church was able to win a court case to stay open, but this was a rare victory for Religious Freedom. Sadly, our “voice” was silenced strongly, especially for churches in certain more restrictive States.

Lessons from Pastors during the Founding of America

Extensive research on the roles of Pastors in the early days of America (1607 to 1776), show MAJOR involvement and speaking about government affairs. Pastors were founders of States, signers of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, members of congress, and outspoken about the need to fight back against tyrannical British Kings and Queens. And their actions could have led to charges of imprisonment or death! [iii] Here’s a list of some examples[iv]:

1620: The Plymouth Pilgrims were trained in Holland by Pastor John Robinson to begin the new America on Christian principles including freedom of religion and resistance to tyranny. In 1630 the Massachusetts 1,000 Puritans under John Winthrop called the land “a city on a hill” and “Do well with God so He will not withdraw.” Pastor John Eliot was an “Apostle to the Indians,” working 12 years to translate the Bible for Algonquins 1661.

1636 Rhode Island: Pastor Roger Williams bought land from Indians and founded Providence (a Bible word). Their Charter and Seal said, “God is our Hope and Anchor.”

1636 Connecticut: Minister Thomas Hooker moved one hundred members from his church in Cambridge, Massachusetts to the Connecticut Valley. Their “Fundamental Order of Connecticut” was the first constitution—Christian based to preserve liberty, have the people select leaders and save “the purity of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus.”

1682 Pennsylvania: William Penn, follower of George Fox, the Quaker. Penn was imprisoned twice. Penn’s Father was a decorated Admiral in England and King Charles II gave him land in America. His father died and William got land in 1681.

1732 Georgia: Rev. Dr. Thomas Bray (in England) helped form the last of the 13 Colonies, supported by the “Society to Spread the Gospel to Foreign Parts.”

Pastors and the Declaration of Independence: Sermons Supporting Independence

  1. Pastor George Whitefield was the leader of the First Great Awakening, 1730’s to 1760’s. He “brought UNITY to the diverse colonies and gave Sermons to 80% of the American population! He influenced the Declaration and Constitution and Founders such as Benjamin Franklin. He explained the Bible basis of Liberty and unity of denominations.
  2. Samuel Davies: Was a great orator who drew attention to the “Miraculous, Divine Intervention” that saved soon to be General George Washington in the French/Indian war. Also, Davies mentored Patrick Henry, a strong Christian who said, “Give me Liberty or give me death!” in 1775.
  3. Elisha Williams: As a State Representative, Judge, and President of Yale he wrote “Essential Rights and Liberties” that had wide influence.
  4. Jonathan Mayhew, “Father of Civil Liberty” 1750-1765 gave sermons that helped people understand the basis of the moto, “Rebellion to Tyrants is Obedience to God.”
  5. All the rights asserted in the Declaration of Independence were discussed in sermons by the New England clergy before 1763 (Robert Treat Paine, 1749[v]).
  6. The Power of Sermons: Election Sermons, Weekday Lectures, Artillery (Military) Sermons, Special Fasting or Thanksgiving Sermons, and more. The average church attender would have had over 7,000 sermons in their lives! 19th Century Historian David Gregg[vi] said, “The people made the laws, the churches made the people.”

Do we Need a New Declaration of Independence against our Government’s Radical Rules?

Using the examples of the Early and Colonial Pastors, I’ve decided to become more vocal about the condition of America. Increasing pressure to support abortions, unusual marriage and lifestyles, masks dictated everywhere, required Vaccination, or lose your job (even for those who have honest reasons to object), and the quieting of churches must be declared unacceptable to Christians. Join me in making a New Declaration of Independence against wayward leaders wherever they may be!

Also, I hope to support and work to bring the Third Great Awakening to the USA and the World! The First and Second Awakenings were key in changing the culture of America and the establishment of a Christian basis for the Constitution and formation of States. A new Third Awakening can do much to change the direction of the USA today. Let’s pray for massive revival!

Pastor G. Harold

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