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Joy to the World!

As Christmas (and Hannukah) approaches, we remember some joyful times with family and friends. Also, we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ! In homes, stores, and radio stations we hear Christmas music. There are a surprising number of Christmas carols that contain the words “Joy,” or “Joyful!” The song “Joy to the World” is a prominent one that echoes a verse in Luke 2:10 (NKJV) that says:

            “I bring you good tidings of great JOY which will be to all people—a Savior is born!”

Yes, this WAS good news to millions in all nations! The prophet Isaiah predicted the coming of a Savior in his chapters 49, 50, and especially 53. This Messiah was to appear in modesty and bring healing and salvation to those who follow Him. Do you want some more information about Jesus or how to be saved? Just call the iworship423 number and we will help you!

Look over your past!

One way to increase your JOY is to recall some of the great times in your life when you were joyful. Review your past and you might be surprised by the JOY you can remember during those times. It could have been something in school or with friends, engagement or marriage, an important success in sports, business, ministry, or in a difficult challenge in your life! I think of our marriage but also the blessings of mentoring Christian college students, some success in publishing, and especially when one of our children came back to the Lord!

Story of a Modern Miracle

Recently, a woman called KLOVE radio (one of our friendly FM Christian rivals} recently. She shared her story of raising a child with developmental delays. When he was born, some doctors told her that he would never have a normal life and it would be best to put him immediately in a care home. She kept the boy and worked with his special-education programs, fighting for his rights in schools, and lots of challenges along the way. Near his time to graduate from high school, the school would not approve him for graduation. So, she started home schooling that led to the boy earning a General Educational Development (GED) qualification for the equivalent of a high-school diploma. This was a HUGE achievement for the boy and all the family and friends that helped him. This was a wonderful time of JOY—you could hear it in her voice as she told the story!

Our Testimony

We were greatly touched by this testimony of this women—it brought us JOY to hear of someone else that experienced a child much like one in our extended family—who had a genetic condition that required a strict diet, who struggled in schools, was often mistreated, and had to fight for a high school degree! We now have such JOY in seeing his success in the work he loves! Isn’t God All Mighty compassionate and supportive of those that struggle in life! Jesus is the answer to overcoming such great challenges to fulfill the destiny He gave us! (John 16:33).


What the Bible Promises about JOY

There are more than 150 uses of JOY in the New King James Version and 240 in NIV with Joy, Joyful, and rejoice. The Bible must be telling us something! It helps to read Bible verses and turn them into “declarations” that prophesy your future as part of your prayers. Here are some good examples where the promises of God bring JOY:

Romans 14:17—The Holy Spirit will fill me with JOY and peace!

Colossians 1:11—I have JOY from giving thanks to God for future accomplishments.

Colossians 2:5 – I will Rejoice as part of firm faith about my future

Luke 15:10 and Psalm 132:9—I will find JOY in the presence of God when I worship Him.

Luke 8:13—I will be filled with JOY when I hear God’s Word.

Psalm 5:11—I will feel JOY when I speak Jesus Name and I receive protection and trust in the future.


May the Lord Bless you and Keep YOU!

Pastor G. Harold

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