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Speak with Boldness and Power

Have you had times in your life when you knew you had to speak out powerfully? Did you realize that you had to say something and not just let it go? This happened to me many years ago when a crisis appeared unexpectedly.

A True Story

I was invited to apply for an important job—the kind that you dream about as the “ultimate job. It was an exciting opportunity but also required a cross-country move. I got the job and completed the move with my wife in December including a new home we purchased in a nearby suburb. All seemed wonderful for a few weeks. Then, odd things started happening. Our first paycheck was quite a bit less than expected, and some other job requirements were revealed. Then, the assistant manager called me in and told me that because I was now a full-time employee, any of new publications I wrote would be owned by the company. Because I already had a big publication started before the job, this sounded wrong to me. When I protested, they replied, “well, now we own you!” Over the next three months, I prayed and asked the Lord for guidance. Finally, the Lord told me, “Flee from evil.” This message kept coming back to me fourteen times before I realized that I had to follow it. After many meetings back and forth, and the final word from the Lord, “Run from evil!” we decided to resign and move back home. In my final meeting at work, the Lord gave me the courage and power to say, boldly, “I resign, and the Lord told me to run from evil!” They thought I was crazy, but the Lord gave me the power to take a stand! Ten days later we sold our house and moved “back home.”  Looking back, it was a miracle that we could sell our house that fast and be able to “flee.”

The Bible Gives an Example

In the Book of Acts Chapter 4, Peter and John found themselves in a tough situation. The chief priests of the Sanhedrin arrested Peter and John for healing the crippled beggar using the power of Jesus. Peter spoke boldly to defend themselves, quoting scriptures and giving a strong defense of their healing (verses 8-12). The Rulers “saw the boldness of Peter and John” (verse 13, NKJV).” And they marveled that the apostles were unschooled, ordinary men who had been with Jesus. This should give all of us courage that the Holy Spirit will give us boldness if we really need it! He loves to see His believers use power to overcome evil!

Need some help with being bold?

There seems to be a lot of evil in the world right now. Do you need some help with a demanding situation right now? Read chapters 4 and 5 of Acts and use the example of Peter and John to give you  boldness. Read the first chapter of Joshua and grab on to the same courage that the Israelites had! Or, read some of the David Psalms that will help you through. Psalm 5 is really good and Psalm 18 can give you renewed strength!

Finally, the Lord equipped you with the Holy Spirit to give you the power to speak out!


Pastor G. Harold

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