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Is there a “first love” you remember from your childhood? It might have been a neighbor or someone at school. Maybe it was someone who lived down the street. Or, it might have been someone that you met at school or at a church function. Does this bring any memories to your mind?

My everlasting love came when I met my wife 57 years ago! And it has helped to have Jesus in our lives for 47 years. Our two loves have been unfailing for us through some difficult and glorious times! The tough times involved the medical challenges of our children. The glorious times came from Bible reading and blessings that kept us going. One of the most impactful Bible readings were Psalms of David—a man who had both challenges and blessings. He was truly a man after God’s heart[i], and we can learn much from his writings.

A Short History of King David

At about 15 years old, David spent lots of private time with the Lord. Shepherds like him spent many days in the field watching over the sheep. As David said to Goliath, “The Lord who delivered me from the paw of the lion and from the paw of the bear, He will deliver me from the hand of the Philistine” (1 Samuel 17:37). He credited the Lord for saving him from strong animals that are known to be fierce in battle! Obviously, David had a rare faith in the power of the Lord, and this would help him through the many battles ahead.

Right after Samuel anointed David, the “Spirit of the Lord had departed from” King Saul (1 Samuel 16:14). Saul chose David to play the harp to sooth him. Then, David volunteered to confront Goliath. His weapon was a sling and a stone! (1 Samuel 17:50). His secret was “not by sword or spear…for the battle is the Lord’s.” (1 Samuel 17:47). He saved the Israelites from the Philistines. But soon, Saul turned against him and even threw a spear at him! He spent the next several years hiding from Saul and his soldiers who trailed him throughout the nation. Finally, Saul died in battle and David became King. He proved to be one of Israel’s best Kings of all time. To summarize this amazing warrior, David was an outstanding shepherd, an excellent musician, a poet, a Psalm writer, a military genius, and much more![ii]

Some Suggested Reading in Psalms

The Psalms of David are favorites for many people! According to an amazing series of Psalms (Psalms 52 to 65), David shows us that everlasting love comes from our mighty God! And he shows us how to overcome the attacks of enemies that rise in our lives. These Psalms are worth a thoughtful consideration! As part of your Bible reading, try reading the Psalms, 1 or 2 a day. This has worked for us over the years. Although I’ve skipped some days every year, I have read all 150 Psalms over 12 times! And in this Blog, I hope to show you why these David Psalms are so uplifting, especially in our current challenging times.

The Key Verses

Certain verses in the Psalms 52 to 65 have been particularly helpful. The list below shows both the goodness of God and his methods for fighting the enemies and challenges in our lives. The verses come from New King James (NKJV), New International Version (NIV), The Message (TM), or the Passion Translation (TPT). We also like the wording of a current song played on iworship423“The Battle Belongs to Our God!”[iii]

Read these as declarations often and you will feel The Lord’s GOODNESS and PROTECTION!

HIS GOODNESS                                                                                 HIS PROTECTION        

Trust in the unending love of God                52  TPT       Those who love to deceive will be struck down

God restores the fortunes of His people     53 NIV        He will put to shame those who attacked you

God is my helper…to uphold my life            54 NKJV     He will repay my enemies for their evil

He’ll never let good people topple               55 TM        From His judge’s bench He puts them in their place    

I trust in the Word of God                               56 TPT        With God on my side I will not be afraid

God…every cloud flags your faithfulness    57 TM        He sends orders to heaven and saves me

There is a great reward in loving God          58 TPT       There is a God who judges the judges!

I will sing of your power Lord                        59 NKJV     God is my defense…O Lord our shield

You planted a flag to rally your people[iv]      60 TM        (God) will flatten opposition for good

I take refuge in the shelter of your wings    61 NIV       God’s presence and faithfulness protects[v]

I stand silently to listen for the one I love   62 TPT       (The Lord) is my Champion Defender    

Your loving kindness is better than life       63 NKJV     Your right hand upholds me

Be glad, good people! Fly to God!                64 TM        The God of the Arrow shoots (the evil ones)

You are the God who answers prayers        65 TPT       What jaw-dropping, astounding power is Yours!



If you want to learn more about “declarations” and how they help your faith, we suggest the book by Pastor Steve Backlund, see “Declarations” at www.ignitinghope.com. His hilarious book, “You’re crazy if you don’t talk to yourself!” also from his website.


My wife and I send blessings that God’s goodness and protection will engulf you!


Pastor G. Harold                                                                      

[i] See 1 Samuel 13:14 and Acts 13:22 for the phrase “a man after God’s heart.”

[ii] See Leon Wood (and David O’Brien), “A Survey of Israel’s History,” Grand Rapids, MI, Zondervan Publishing House, p. 206.

[iii] John Michael Talbot’s “The Battle Belongs to the Lord” with lyrics from the album “Come Worship The Lord,Maranatha! Music , 2013. Also, more recent version by Phil Wickham and Brian Johnson, 2020, Hymn of Heaven album.

[iv] The word “flag” reminds me of the “Pine tree flag” created by George Washington for the Revolutionary war. The wording on the flag rallied the troops with the written caption, “An Appeal to Heaven” and was the flag for the Massachusetts’s navy.

[v] These verses are paraphrased from the NIV

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