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The Power of Names

Have you had something go wrong and you wanted to scream? Did you say some words that you regret? I recently had that moment when the trusty smart phone and the laptop both couldn’t help me reach a big deadline! It was something my family really needed. But, after using the wrong words over the situation, I found some help in the Book of Psalms.

A Great Resource

When you want wisdom about a tough situation check out the Psalms. There are gems in the wording that come from the Lord and heroes of the faith like David. One version that has really helped me is the Passion Translation, Illustrated Journaling Edition.[i] It has helpful features like having space to make journal notes (such as marking verses that really strike you). I have read all 150 of Psalms in this edition two times and I’m going through another. It has many translations and special wording (“gems”) that help you understand verses in new ways.

Here are the gems I found!

      Names of Believers of God: 

          Forgiven ones……God pursuers……Lovers of God……God’s favored ones….Godly ones…..Holy lovers of God

       Names of God Himself:

            King above all Kings….Our radiant hope….Awe inspiring creator….My secret holy place….Commander of heaven…..My first responder

            My hiding place……My strength and shield….My Mighty Protector….My revelation light…….The Glory God.

There are many more I could list, but I invite you to try it for yourself!


Blessing, Pastor G. Harold


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[i] Dr. Brian Simmons (20150, The Psalms: Poetry on Fire: Illustrated Journaling Edition (TPT), Broad Street Publishing. Racine, Wisconsin.