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Have you ever been in a demanding situation in a crisis that you cannot quickly overcome?

It might have been from wayward people, medical crisis, misunderstanding in your extended family, or something you want to “go away!” Sometimes these problems feel like they are coming from “the enemy” and not from God.

An Example of Overcoming a Crisis

I have been fighting an injury that has bothered me for three months! I prayed to have it go away hundreds of times! It started in an odd, unexpected way. I was running on a trail along a beautiful river. I didn’t see the root sticking up along the path as I ran around a corner. I tripped and crashed forward, landing on my left side and rib. This led to a rib injury and then spread to my spine in my lower and middle back. I’m in the middle of treatments that seem to go “on and on” and I just want it to go away! Here are some ways I found to call on the Lord during times of crisis.

God as Defender

King David had ways to attack spiritual enemies, crises, and tough times. He often wrote about God as Defender. In the first part of a Psalm, he asks God for help—”Where are you, Lord? —the enemies are after me.” Then, near the end of the Psalm, he praises God. You find this pattern in Psalms 3, 4, 5, 13 and many more! So, cry out first, but end up praising the power of the Father and Jesus Christ!

Turn to the Bible

Other ways to overcome challenges include developing favorite Bible verses that calm you down. Also, I have tried to obey counseling advice from trusted friends, make an “attitude adjustment,” and cry out to God for relief. Fortunately, we have excellent advice from King David who was a splendid example of how to overcome this kind of pressure.

Reading Psalm 62, I realized the brilliance of David’s wording about crisis. First, in Verse 1, he is seeking the FACE OF GOD! He writes, ”I stand silently to listen for the One I love!” He is trying to connect with the Lord—Face to face! Ear to ear! Heart to heart! This direct plea is why he was a “Man after God’s own heart.”

Secondly, in Verses 4 and 5, he calls for all of us to sing, shout, and praise the Lord. King David was a musician but whether you sing, play an instrument, or just listen, you will feel better! I have tried to start each day with praise music. And in the modern world, you have multiple ways to play music, even if it is in your car on the way to work or on a phone when you can. Our station, iworship.com, helps thousands hear the latest praise music. Some of the songs have also brought listeners to Christ!

More to Come

There are far more ways of overcoming crises, and we will describe some of them in the Blog to follow. Come and join us next month!


Pastor G. Harold

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