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Our apologies for not alerting more of our web friends of our closure of WWW.IWORSHIP423.COM MUSIC ONLINE.

The reason we stopped the music is complicated in addition to losing our main online DJ. The brains behind Iworship423–Eric Christopher Roid, known as “DJErickson” He was the voice that came online occasionally. Eric was a genius with the selection of music, the running of the software, and all communications with music suppliers and the phone chats with listeners. And, sadly, none of the extended family or friends knew how to operate the online music

Eric passed away on Thursday, October 20. He knew that he was going to heaven. His belief in heaven comforted the family. A serious infection was to blame.

In another blog to we will tell the amazing story of Eric’s ability to overcome challenging times.

We SO appreciate all Eric’s listeners.


Dr. Gale Harold Roid (Pastor G. Harold), Eric’s father, and Donna Roid, Eric’s Mother