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The Many Names of God

As we watched our only Son go from ill to seriously ill, we cried out to God. After days of praying, I saw something in the Book of Psalms in the Passion Translation[i]. Author Brian Simmons’ translation from both Hebrew and Aramaic texts had a multitude of original names for the Lord. Many of the names came from the multiple meanings of Hebrew words. Other names came from Simmons’ creativity. So, we tried some new names for God in our prayers. I’m sure that God can hear your heart regardless of the name you use, but a variety of names might help you feel connected to Him! Try some of these:


Our Radiant Hope                           King Above All Kings

Awe Inspiring Creator                   My Rock of Strength

My beautiful Strength                   Commander of Angel Armies                  

Glory God                                          My Strength and Shield

Our Secret Hiding Place                Mighty Protector

Most High God                                  My Revelation Light

The Almighty                                    Our Great Confidence

There are many ways to call for the Lord, so we encourage you to discover some yourself. There more in the Passion Translation of the Psalms which has comforted us so much. Just use your “revelation Light” to help you hear His voice—there are many books on “hearing God.”

Blessings from Pastor G. Harold Roid

Copyright © The Roid Family Trust

[i] See the Illustrated Journaling Edition by Brian Simmons, The Psalms: Poetry on fire. The Passion Translation. Broad Street Publishing. Racine, Wisconsin, 2015.