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The founder of the station, “Ericson,” started this station after years of working for commercial radio stations in Portland, Oregon, and Nashville, TN. He had a dream of playing a wider variety of music, occasional longer songs with spontaneity, and “digging down” into song collections (e.g., the “lesser” songs on CDs rarely heard on regular radio).


Honestly, we started as a “Rock” station, but got enlightened by the real Rocks—God Almighty and Jesus Christ! Then we started inserting a few worship songs amongst the rock music, on Sunday mornings, several months ago. We started to get emails from churches saying they loved the music! And, the number of listeners increased to our surprise. So, we decided to expand the worship music to afternoons during the week which led to more emails and listeners. Was God speaking to us?

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High resolution graphic of woman praising the lord.

Yes! We changed the name of the station and went to 24/7 worship music! Then, we got some connections to some well-known music publishers and artists---What a privilege! We fell to our knees and thanked the Lord for His generosity and love for our “let the Spirit move” approach. (See our Support page for more information on our partners).